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Har Mar Pet Shop

Since the 1980’s Har Mar Pet Shop has been a family-run business showing personal interest in family pets and their well being.  It is conveniently located in the north end of Har Mar Mall, Roseville, Minnesota. (map)

Today we offer a wide variety of pets.  We specialize in puppies, kittens, hedgehogs, fish, and coral.  The store also carries other small animals and reptiles.  New animals are constantly arriving throughout each week.  We encourage you to use this web site to review our ever-changing selection of puppies, kittens, and fish.  Subscribe to our email notices to stay informed.

In addition to live animals, the shop carries cages and aquariums as well as full lines of food and supplies needed to care for your pets.  We stock the Royal Canin line of food for cats and dogs.

All puppies and kittens come from kennels that we have inspected and approved.  Har Mar Pet Shop is one of the very few Twin Cities pet stores that is USDA licensed.


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